C validating textbox input

xmlns=" xmlns:n=" xmlns:a=" xmlns:xsi=" xsi:schema Location=" border="none" apply="$" But does this work for more than one field?In the example below I have six fields (textboxes) and when user clicks "Submit" I would like to show all the errors to the user (okay, it will be very cluttered in this example, but anyway) one he/she press the button, not only for the one that I do get Value() on. /Rico Value() do the validation in order, if the first textbox is empty anda the constraint is "no empty" and all the other textboxes are empty, the error message will be shown only in the first textbox beacause it throws and exception, you can debbug it to see.Regards, Yes, of course I can do my own validation but I won't get the same "look-and-feel" as I get from the constraint message boxes.Therefore I would prefer a way to force the constraint-error to show, and the best would of course be if it was done "autmotaically", but I could settle for doing my own validation as long as I get the standard constraint error look-an-feel.

Custom validation needs to notify users in an accessible way as described in the User Notifications part of this tutorial.

Click on the control to display its properties on the panel at the left side of the Dynaform design.

The properties set by default are the following: By checking this option, an asterisk is added in the label to indicate that the field is required.

A Text Box control is used to display, or accept as input, a single line of text.

It can contain only unformatted text in its Text property.

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