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Mac Ally recently released a new, higher resolution webcam for Mac or PC in the under range. Learn about and compare cheap import web cameras that are possibly and probably compatible with your favorite chat, messenger, video capture and VOIP phone and video upload applications.Although they improved the microphone and have somewhat better color fidelity than the cheap 1.3MP Ice Cam2 that it replaces - the Mega Cam has HORRIBLE frame rates, poor user reviews, and is unable to switch into lower-resolution NON-HD video modes. Whether you're hoping it'll work on an Apple Macintosh, or PC running Windows 7 or Vista...Long answer: Face Time is great if everyone has Apple produ--I'm so sorry: Congratulations on your new baby! Those start at 0; i Pads and i Phones go up from there.I just launched right into the answer like a nerdy robot. Now, if they have a relatively new-ish Mac computer, they're already able to Face Time with you guys.

The HP Deluxe Webcam (starting at 0, Amazon) is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 and needs a minimum 1.67 GHz of processing speed and 512 MB of RAM.They can downloaded Face Time from the Mac App Store here if they don't already have it. And if they have just about any type of computer with a webcam, they can use Skype for free -- download it here.An easy, cheap, portable option that doesn't tie Mom and Dad to the computer, though, would be Amazon's Kindle Fire HD 6 tablet.Question: My husband and I recently had our first child and we want to be able to Skype with my mom and dad.We (my husband and I) both have i Phones and i Pads, so we looked in to Face Time, but an i Pad or i Phone for my parents seemed too expensive.

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