Connected workbooks not updating

I have tested my code with different conditions and it works flawlessly.In fact it is the right way to suppress those alerts...

Note: Tableau does not provide support for programs that customers create that use the Tableau REST API.I'm getting to know Redux by having read the docs and am starting out just modifying the real-world example.In my case, I've swapped the Git Hub HTTP API calls for my own, and swapped the Repo and User concepts with analogous ones in my environment. Here's where I'm running into trouble: My API calls are succeeding, response JSON is getting camel Cased and normalized, key: That would mean the problem is in the middleware, right?The above shared file shows on opening (having the above listed Excel options) 2 warnings - in the order of appearance: WARNING #1 After click on 's) So far so good, we finally go to Now I'll try all possible options step by step to make the picture clear. We spent a good hour with Sid that morning trying to figure out the case.I'll share only relevant lines of code for simplicity (complete sample file with code will be shared in the end). So, will the above code suppress all warnings for any Excel version and makes links updated silently? Sorry, I'm a bit lost in options, but hope I explained all correctly)@sigil: Without seeing your workbook, i won't be able to comment further.

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