Is curtis stone still dating lindsay price

Michelle Williams Declared Age: 31What She Looks Like Age: 36Disclaimer: Since Black women generally look younger, we’ve calculated that “black don’t crack” factor into our assessment.

Blake Lively Real Age: 24What She Looks Like Age: 30Lively is a Hollywood “It” girl but her time may run out faster than her age peers as she already looks years ahead of her 24 years of age.Her exit storyline saw her leave Weatherfield to start a new life with Bethany in Milan.Her return storyline saw her track down Bethany who had run away from home and returned to Weatherfield, and her storylines since then have seen her begin a relationship with brother David's enemy Callum Logan (Sean Ward) which later resulted in her feuding with Callum and falling pregnant with his child and help to cover up Callum's murder after her sister in law Kylie (Paula Lane) kills him.Fergie Declared Age: 36What She Looks Like Age: 41Although Fergie has a bangin body and doesn’t look too much older than her declared age, when she first emerged on the scene with The Black Eyed Peas, it was hard to believe that she was really how old she claimed to be.Although we’re skeptical about her being 36, we do have to take into account that Fergie was addicted to crystal methamphetamine for a time before she hit it big.

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