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Picture a Sultan’s palace crossed with a Premier Inn, then wedge it between anonymous office blocks on an endless industrial park and you’re there: Paradise. In Bangkok aged 19 I checked in to a place called Mango Inn with two school friends.

Within a couple of hours we’d seen enough to get the joke.

We made eye contact and I spoke and she proceeded to have a conversation with me telling me all about how she had just won a 0.00, and was buying 50 more.

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We continued to have small talk for a while as the clerk took forever giving her her tickets.

What I am about to reflect in deed happened and I was not prepared or planning what happened. It all started when I left work early one afternoon, on the way home I stopped at a local grocery store to buy some water and some lottery tickets.

Being this is a small town it was not very busy (I live in a big city and work 25 min outside of town in a small farming community) I got in line and a older lady was in front buying lottery tickets.

Yes, you may not get the percentage of fairness after applying that fairness cream from a leading brand but here when they say, “An Air Hostess”, “Model” or “Delhi University Girl” you indeed get what was promised.

Yes, the sex industry in the Indian capital of Delhi is changing drastically as now even the young lots of 18 from the middle class “good” families are a part of the business.

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