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It wasn't until I had a child of my own in my thirties that I preffered to be with a man with children and a past. Bottom line, if you like someone, give them a chance, kids or without kids, otherwise you never know what may have been.. Well, however, there are all sorts of situations to do with a man with kids besides just age and wisdom. And until I lived with the guy and his kids I didn't know why - because I really like kids.

Without past experiences, there are no learning experiences and a man without this may be as immature as a man in his early twenties when it comes to his own life. I am not saying to not give it a try because of age. But when you're living with someone else’s it's a whole different story.

” song, then he can easily handle a conversation with my parents or friends.

Everyone always questions whether or not my boyfriend has a “dad bod,” and it makes me chuckle. let's just say I will never get over how gorgeous he is.

This is not to say that it is all bad, no, it also has its advantages.

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The number of kids he has will affect your relationship BIG TIME. If the ex is difficult, this will cause problems down the road.

This is because his kids have nurtured a sense of responsibility from taking care of them.

With this, you will not have to worry about traits such as disappearing acts in the middle of the night or running from other responsibilities.

For the longest time, I never considered dating a single dad, but then lo and behold, I came across the most gorgeous looking man I had ever laid my eyes on — and he wasn't the only one in the picture.

There in his arms was the most precious little girl, and I swear I felt like I fell in love with both their smiles right then and there.

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    A good number of Google searches bringing readers to this blog lately have been searching for proof that their widower boyfriend loves them. Or are you engaging in the centuries old female pastime of reading between a man’s lines like they were leaves at the bottom of a tea-cup? My advice, and it’s hardly revolutionary, is simply ask. Although I have been told – by widowed folk – that sex just happens because of the loneliness and pain of loss. A widowed man who comes a courting, regardless of where he is in the mythical grief process, is perfectly able to deal with the fallout, the good, the bad and the ugly.

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