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Sexy questions to ask a guy If you’d want to, you can ask these questions in person. Text these questions one after the other in the order I’ve mentioned and there’s a huge chance that both of you would be making out with each other within an hour or so.[Read: 30 dirty truth or dare questions for the sexiest night ever] Are you ready to put these 20 sexy questions that’ll get him in your bed to the test? Do You Think Dance With A Boy In A Nightclub Is Cheating? Give Me The Names Of 3 Objects Or Things You Love Most And Why?

Do You Snore Or Steal The Covers Or Roll Around In Your Sleep?

Are You The Kind Of Friend That You Would Want To Have As A Friend?

Honestly, Who Was The Last Person To Tell You That They Love You?

If your co-pilot isn't reliable and ready to go the long-haul, it's best to fly solo.2. There will always be things you want to change about the people in your life, but no one should be in a situation where they feel they aren't allowed to be authentic and accepted as the unique, special (yet flawed) person they are.

How can you know if your partner is a good match if you have no idea who you are?

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    Previously, agencies accredited by the Social Development Network (SDN) were not allowed to hold events for people of a particular age group or religion, because that might appear discriminatory.