Security group membership not updating

Now my question : is there any way to refresh user group membership without the need for relogin.Here’s an interesting scenario I hadn’t experienced before: Share Point 2013 farm doing a user profile sync with Active Directory.(This isn't something that happens if you wait, in other words.) (Here's an msdn blog post on updating computer group membership without a reboot.Hi group, I have a shared folder on a Windows 2012 server \server\images\ which contains a folder name 436_TM.Don't want to have to go through these steps again... You MAY be able to use RUNAS to start a command prompt with a new session and specify your same account name again... but I'd be running most (if not all) things that need special permissions as services and/or under service accounts.

) in order for it to recognize that it's a member of a new group.

I will perform "Klist" and "gpupdate" on the servers to test the result.

I know that, if I add a user to security group, it takes max of 8 hours to refresh that group membership in user session, if the user doesn't relogin.

Managed by the User Profile Sync service, Share Point queries AD to learn about new or removed users as well as group membership.

This is also controlled by a cache, and can create the scenario we ran into where AD users that were added or removed from AD groups did not have their authorization permissions updated in Share Point.

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