Shape shifter mod usable buggy updating further 1 5 2

This was created by me in the beta and I will also create another one for the main game.

I request a sticky by a moderator and notification to the Developers to see this list.

Whereas, AIX is based on PURR and SPURR, which is more towards CAPEX planning and also projects more realistic and accurate processor utilization for the latest evolution of processors which has SMP and SMT environment.

The most important ones, in addition to the easy-to-make ones that should have been in game already (but for some unexplained reasons still aren't), are marked with in colour. NOTICE The list gets updated often, so make sure to check it regularly.If your host fails to do that, try letting it rescan the plugins and restart it.It that won't help and your older projects won't load properly, please inform both us and your host developer.Replace we did but the next thing I found out was the previous 1 second toasting experience where I turn the time knob to 5 minutes has turned into a 27 button press procedure: first press to select mode; 25 presses to tune the time from the default 30 minutes down to 5 minutes; and one final press to start it.The worst part of this is, she's probably only used it for once or twice before moving along with other interests than baking cookies, but I had to endure the 27 button presses every morning. I've owned several, but I currently have the Smart Oven Pro and use it more than our actual oven.

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