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It took 44 years, but Joan Baez finally got a public apology from Bob Dylan for the callous way he treated her when he broke up their 1960s love affair.

And it happened, of all places, at Toronto's Yonge-Dundas Square on Friday night."I feel very bad about it," Dylan said.

Before that, the two had been inseparable as the king and queen of folk music, and one of the most talked-about young couples of the decade.

Jakob’s paternal grandmother was Beatrice “Beatty” Stone (the daughter of Benjamin David Solemovitz/Stone and Florence Sara Edelstein). Florence was the daughter of Benjamin Harold Edelstein and Lybba/Libbe Jaffee.

Benjamin and Florence were Lithuanian Jews, with roots in Kaunas/Kovno. Jakob’s maternal grandparents were Isaac Noznisky/Novoletsky and Bessie.

His first proper studio album after years of reclusion, initially ran a mixed review of the album.

Then-critic Jon Landau, later to be Bruce Springsteen’s producer/manager, praised Dylan’s vocal work but not the instrumentation, saying it “would only sound like a great album for a while” and was “impermanent.” Is the album really a secret tribute to a Russian playwright?

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