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"Parks and Recreation" star Natalie Morales has come out publicly.The actress, 32, shared a post about her life and sexuality on Amy Poehler's Smart Girls website on Friday and also tweeted about the post."I'm coming out.You remember the Today Show News Anchor Natalie Morales, right? Today we will be gathering as much information as we can to address the gaps. That is entirely fine because we will fill up the gaps for you.In response to the false rumors that have been circulated about our anchor team, NBC wants to be absolutely clear: The rumors are wrong -- period. in 2006, has failed to land the top anchor spot in the years since.PHOTOS: Best dressed TV hosts alum Josh Elliott as a newsreader. hour with Kathie Lee Gifford, might also be asked to join the 9 a.m. A separate source, however, tells Us that these proposals may never come to fruition."An executive went rogue and got fired for suggesting crazy ideas no one agreed with," the source explains of the situation overall.

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Morales, 42, is now in talks with ABC and Geist, 39, has lined up a gig at CBS, the insider tells Us.But soon after those radical cuts were made, NBC removed general manager Jamie Horowitz, the most vocal proponent of the changes.In a memo obtained by Us Weekly, NBC News' Deborah Turness explained Horowitz — on the job since September — was simply "not the right fit.” Now it’s unclear whether Geist and Morales will indeed be exiting or whether the current regime will try to woo them back.What queer means to me is just simply that I'm not straight. It's not scary, even though that word used to be really, really scary to me." "I know this isn't some big, life-shattering revelation that everyone will be shocked by.The reason I decided to share this with you and with the world is because even though me telling you I'm queer might not be a big deal these days, things are still pretty bad out there for people like me. You are exactly what you are supposed to be, because nothing is supposed to be anything except for what it is, even if not everyone understands that.

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